Thursday, July 24, 2014

Baba Day

Today I picked up Rissa for some bike riding at the park. We had so much fun. She kept saying, "this is so much fun, just me and you". It was so cute. We had a goal to find critters, we saw some crawdads, some fish and birds. We had a bunny and snake on the critter list, but we didn't find any. She wanted to pick some flowers for her mama, but we forgot too, so when we came home we picked her some and put them in a vase for her. We even rode around the neighborhood a bit, then we played some games until Grandpa came home, and then it was off to Dairy Queen before taking her home.
Before our picnic

Eatin time

She said "Grandma lets take a picture of us on the bridge".

By the river where we spotted the crawdad.

Fish pointing!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Garden Time

Jess and I did our annual gramps garden trip today. We got sooo much lettuce. It was super hot too. Always have a great time at the garden though.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Portland Adventure

Jess, Rissa and I took a drive to Portland to pick up my KGON check. I printed out the directions and Jess had the job as navigator. She did really good, it was not her fault the directions were weird. It said take 1st left, we took the 1st left, and it was a dead-end. I think I got turned around about 3 times before Jess decided it was a good idea to use her phone to navigate. After ignoring the phone lady to make a u-turn in 500 feet, we were circling again, and rerouting. We did finally reach our destination, but honestly with all those turns and such I don't think I would remember how to get there again. I can't go to Portland without getting lost, so I guess I should not be surprised. After picking up my check and a couple of bumper stickers we headed to Washington Square Mall. Korissa had never been to Build A Bear and we were just as excited as she was to go. Of course I first had to make a Lush stop. Then we went to Build A Bear and I think Korissa was in Heaven. I told her only 2 outfits (which I stuck with), 1 accessory (which I did not stick to) and a pair of shoes. We had so much fun!
My new Lush score. I LOVE the Karma Kream shampoo bar, and the lotion is AWESOME!!

Korissa with her new kitten Rainbow.

They had to take a ride before we left the mall.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Birthday and Father's Day

Honestly, I like low key birthday happenings, but since it was also Father's Day, we went to Jack and Sharon's for a barbecue. I really wanted to go to Silver Creek Falls, but it just didn't happen, which was good because Jess had to work anyways. Next year, this must get planned though.
We went to Heather's after the barbecue and picked cherries (that was super fun)!

My beautiful flowers from Jess.

All my cards.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Random Buddy

I walked out back and sat down, and in the corner of my eye I see this black blur. I turn around, and there's Buddy, with my spider blanket on his back. It was so random and funny.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

White Boy fixin'

Jessica's Jeep has been broken for several weeks now. I let her borrow White Boy so she could get around. Then yesterday she goes to leave somewhere and White Boy won't start either. Poor Jess and poor White Boy. It turned out to only be the starter so John got it running again, and Korissa helped hand him tools.

Monday, May 19, 2014

K Falls Tax Convention

Tax classes are so boring, but I did have some fun too. We stayed at the Running Y Ranch, very pretty. The first day my mom was in a meeting, and I had the day to myself, so I went for a walk. It was very peaceful. We ended our evenings by watching CSI in our room. The hotel did very well making my lunch vegan and gluten free. 

On the last day of class I got a text from John telling me to call KGON because they called my name on the radio. They have something called the workforce payroll, if they call your name and you call within 10 minutes you win $100.00. They call someone else's name every hour, and if they don't call in, you collect their $100.00 until someone finally calls in. So, I called the station, and it was super cool talking to Iris Harrison (a KGON DJ, who has been on radio since I can remember). I only won the $100, but it was super cool and exciting to even win anything. I kept saying the whole rest of the day (and I think even a week after) how I can't believe I won $100.